Privacy Policy

EuroCoinAuctions processes personal data from Users who visit and use our website.

1. The information we collect and process

When you use our website, you will be asked to provide the following information:

Creating an Account.

When you create an Account, we will ask for your email address with a secure password. We will ask for information including your full name, telephone number, and address. We might also ask for your date of birth and bank account number. We need this information to contact you, to make sure Lots can be shipped to you or picked up at your address, and to make sure you can receive payments or refunds.

We may need to verify your identity.

If you want to sell on EuroCoinAuctions, we might ask for a scan or photo of your valid proof of identification (passport or ID).
We collect the following information automatically when you use our Online website:

Your clicks and likes.

We may collect data on your interests, characteristics, location, and which Lots you like in order to personalise your experience on our website. For instance, based on your browsing behaviour, we might send you emails about promotions or items we think you’ll be interested in.

Your browser information.

When you use EuroCoinAuctions we automatically collect certain information sent by your internet browser, even if you have not created an Account or are not logged in. This information includes details about how you have used the platform, your IP address, access times, hardware and software information, and information about the device you used.

Your transactional information.

We keep records of transaction and payment data. This may be more detailed than the concise overview you see in your Account.


We also use cookies (small text files your computer sends each time you visit website) or similar tracking methods. We use these tracking methods to improve your experience when using our website.

2. Why we collect this information

We use your personal data for the following reasons:

To make your EuroCoinAuctions experience as smooth and easy as possible

We use your data to fulfil our contractual obligations towards you, while also making sure you can enjoy all features of our website. We use your data to:

  • Give you access to use all the features of our website, including payment features.
  • Make sure the display you see is compatible with your internet browser and device.
  • Support you if you have any questions or encounter issues with your Account or transactions.
  • Get in touch with you to help you solve any issues.
  • Send you status updates, invoices and/or payment reminders.
  • Keep our internal administration in order.

To provide, personalise, measure, and improve our advertising and marketing

In order to give all of our Users a great experience on our website, we process your data to:

  • Show you suggestions (such as interesting Lots) and targeted adverts (on other websites).
  • Let you know about extra services, events, offers, promotions, or benefits.
  • Contact and communicate with you.
  • Invite you to give us feedback about our Services.
  • Work with anonymous statistical information to better understand who uses our website, perform market analysis, improve our marketing and transactional emails, and optimise navigation on our Online Marketplace.

To make sure EuroCoinAuctions is a secure, trusted platform for both Buyers and Sellers.

We might have to process and store your data to keep our Users safe or to comply with legal obligations. As part of this, we process personal data to: 
- Prevent, trace, and counter fraud or any other unlawful or non-compliant use of our website.

  • Register, mediate, and resolve possible disputes or irregularities.
  • Comply with our legal obligations, such as keeping records and assisting with criminal or other investigations by the relevant authorities.
  • Enforce our Terms of Use and other policies.

3. Sharing information with third parties

We might need to share information with other Users

If you buy or sell Lots, we might need to share some of your information with other Users for you to complete the transaction. This can include your name, address, email address, and phone number. For example, if you buy a Lot from another User and they need to ship the Lot to you, we will share your address and contact information (including phone number and email address) with them so they can arrange shipping. In some cases, we might need to share your information with other Users before you enter into a Contract of Sale.. Please note, if you change your contact details during an auction, during a dispute, or shortly after a dispute, we can provide the ‘old’ contact details to the other User if we have reason to believe this is necessary for the other User to obtain their rights under the Contract of Sale.

With your consent

We may also provide your data to others if you have given us permission to do so. For example, if another User wants to refund you directly, we will ask for your permission to share your financial information with that User.

For services from third-party service providers.

We may also use the services of third-party service providers. As part of their services, they might need to process your personal data. For example, service providers might provide us with payment, advertising, customer, or sales support services. Or they might support us in sending emails, analysing feedback, or securing our website against fraud. These service providers have a duty to maintain confidentiality, may only use the specific data necessary for providing services to us, and may only use this data on our instruction.
The third parties we share your data with might be based outside the European Economic Area or they might use servers that are outside the European Economic Area. The data protection could be lower in those countries, compared to protection in the European Economic Area.

When we are (legally) obliged to or need to enforce our Terms of Use

We may also disclose your data to third parties:

  • If we feel obliged to do so, for instance if there’s a dispute or if your User material is manifestly unlawful.
  • To comply with statutory obligations, such as court orders.
  • To cooperate with authorities, such as the police or tax authorities, whether this is legally required from us or whether it’s in our legitimate interest to cooperate.
  • To make sure our Terms of Use are upheld.

4. How we secure your information and how long we store it for

We take the security of your data very seriously. That’s why we have security procedures and technical restrictions in place to protect your data from unauthorised access, destruction, or alteration. In addition to the security measures on our end, such as encryption of your data, we highly recommend you carefully select a password and make sure you keep your login details secret.

We retain your information for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. The retention period for your personal data can vary depending on the processing purpose (e.g. for payment services or fraud prevention) and our legal obligations. For instance, we are legally obligated to retain information about your purchases and sales (including financial data) for a period of 10 years.

5. How to access, control, and adjust your personal data

You can adjust the information associated with your Account using your Account settings.

If you’d like to know what information we have about you, you can ask us to send you an overview of your personal data. You can also ask us to erase your personal data. Keep in mind, we might ask for additional information to verify your identity, such as a copy of your ID card, before we can start working on your request. Furthermore, in certain cases, you may object to or ask us to restrict certain processing.

If you have asked us to erase your personal information:

  • We may refuse to remove or anonymise your information if you still have to fulfil certain obligations towards us or another User.
  • We may retain some of your personal information if it’s necessary for our legitimate interests, such as for fraud detection and prevention.
  • The User Material you have uploaded on our website will continue to be publicly visible.

6. Privacy violations

If you are concerned that we have infringed on your privacy rights, please notify us. We will investigate as soon as possible after receiving your email.

7. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We are entitled to update or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time. If we do so, we will post the updated version on our website.